Published on October 25, 2023

Five thick, fluffy pancakes stacked with so many options at Pancake Bistro Cafe in Isabela, Puerto Rico is perfect for brunch! Let me tell you, the food in this place was delish!

Pancake Bistro Cafe in Isabela, Puerto Rico

We have been traveling back and forth between Atlanta and Isabela for the last year. We hadn’t had an opportunity to try the Pancake Bistro Cafe until recently. It was a great experience.

The decor is absolutely gorgeous, which for me was a red flag. Is it just me or does anyone else wonder if a place that looks really cute is hiding the fact that the food is not that good? Well, that is not the case with this cafe for sure.


Many of the restaurants on the island have limited to no parking. Pancake Bistro Cafe does have a parking lot right in front of the restaurant that has space for around 10-12 cars. There is a handicapped parking spot as well in addition to a parking attendant.

Immediately after parking in the one handicapped parking spot, you are on the ramp. I think it would be difficult to maneuver getting out of the parking spot if you have a wheelchair. There really isn’t much space between the cars, but that’s what the parking attendant is there for. To help you figure out the best approach.

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 What a cute place this is! There is a ramp on one side and steps in the front to enter. The front of the bistro is a porch with tables for outdoor seating. There are several swings hanging and floral garlands draped from the ceiling. It is a very pretty place to enter.

Once inside, the decor continues to impress with more floral features, tables, and a very nice setting. The air conditioning kept the bistro at a very comfortable temperature, despite it feeling over 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside. It was such a scorching hot day when we went, but the temperature inside the Pancake Bistro Cafe was perfect.

Desayuno Pancake at Pancake Bistro Cafe in Isabela
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The Food

This being our first time here, we asked the waitress about, what else? the pancakes! She told us that any option of pancakes that we choose, and there are plenty of options, will come in a stack of five. Another waitress was bringing a stack out for another table and she pointed to it for us. They looked absolutely delish!

My husband and I are both diabetic, so we knew so many pancakes would give us a huge sugar high, so we looked for other options. And they had many offerings to choose from. We went with the Desayuno Pancake, which consists of 2 eggs, bacon, ham, or turkey, toast, and 2 pancakes with whipped cream and either strawberries, Nutella, or mixed fruit. 

The meal was served exactly as ordered and the portions were huge! So much so that we didn’t eat again all day. We were so stuffed! We didn’t have any syrup on our pancakes. The whipped cream was enough for us.


We arrived at noon on a Saturday. The place was not full, but most tables inside were taken. We were seated immediately upon entering.

The waitress came shortly after and told us how to access the menu and she took our drink order. It took them a total of twelve minutes between the time we placed our food order and it being served, which is pretty fast in my book.

The waitress was very attentive and it was easy for us to flag her when we needed something. When we were done with our meal, the bill came quickly once we confirmed that we needed the bill. We paid at the register. All in all, the service was excellent!


Our meal was $15 per person, plus the cost of the drinks and the tip. It wasn’t too bad.

If you compare it to iHop, for example, it’s about $5-8 per person more expensive, but it’s the perfect ambient, service and the food was better in my opinion.  



I would definitely return and will the next time I’m in Isabela. We enjoyed our meal and left stuffed. The service was excellent and the decor was beautiful! I would recommend the Pancake Bistro Cafe to anyone staying in Isabela.

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Are you ready to spend your next vacation in Isabela where you can eat great food and dance salsa on Friday nights? I hope you consider A House in Jobos as your home away from home.

Have you tried the Pancake Bistro Cafe in Isabela, Puerto Rico? What was your experience?

carmen rivera gomez
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Written by Carmen

Wanting to be closer to family, Carmen and Abraham went searching for a home in Abraham's hometown of Isabela, Puerto Rico. They found the perfect home to raise their children in a town with breathtaking beaches, family-friendly festivals, great food and amazing people. Carmen loves to write about it all.

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