Published on October 11, 2023
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Imagine dancing salsa on a clear night in the open air with happy locals. There are all levels dancing… even level 0!!! And everyone is having a good time! That’s what Viernes de Salsa is in Isabela.

I recently had the opportunity to go and I have to be honest, I had such a great time! OK, I went with friends, making it extra special, but I know I would have had a great time anyway. It is such a wonderful atmosphere. It had been pouring rain all day and I was sure the event would be cancelled. I kept looking it up on their Facebook page, but dancing was on! These people are serious about salsa dancing!

CARMEN CREATES MEMORIES: As you walk to the town square you notice so many people out and about.  It’s a clear, cool night and there is Salsa music playing loud. There are kiosks with people selling their products, food stands and open-air bars. There is a large group of people that seem to be learning to dance. A bit closer to the stage area there are those that seem to be professionals. You find a bench and decide to look and enjoy watching them while deciding where you fit in. Time has passed and you have been smiling the entire time and your foot has been tapping to the beat. You get up and decide it’s time to dance!

Viernes de Salsa

Viernes de Salsa is a weekly event that happens in Isabela’s town square every Friday night. Sometimes there are live bands, but there is always a DJ mixing those tracks to make for an unstoppable evening of dancing. That’s how it is every Friday night in Isabela.

I had the opportunity to go and I had such a good time. It is such a festive atmosphere. Everyone is there to have a good time. It’s very family-oriented as well.

Salsa Music

As long as Viernes de Salsa is in season, there will always be Salsa blasting from those speakers in the center of the town. On some Fridays, there are live bands. Those Fridays are packed with people. There is nothing like dancing to live music. Other nights there is a DJ mixing classic and modern Salsa songs for all to enjoy. The music begins at 7:00 p.m.

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    Artisans and Kiosks

    As I walked around looking for something to eat, I also ventured to see the artisans’ products. There are several tables where each one displays the products they are selling. There were those who made jewelry, knitted products, and decorative items. There’s always time for a little bit of shopping, especially when you know you are supporting a local artisan!

    There were also several options for eating. There was a hamburger cart, fritters cart, and finger food. The delicious smell of coffee draws you into the coffee kiosk as well. But if you prefer something a little stronger, then there are several kiosks that sell beer and liquor. The drinking age in Puerto Rico is 18.

    Salsa Dance Lessons

    Come to Isabela on a Friday night even if you don’t know how to dance. The event will always have free dance lessons. The night I attended the lesson was at 9:00 p.m. It seems like everyone that night joined in. Even those who knew how to dance joined in helping those new to Salsa. No judgments! Just fun!

    Here is an example of how a couple dances at Viernes de Salsa. They are currently taking advanced dance lessons. This could be you!!!




    Viernes de Salsa is about having fun, moving your body, and enjoying life like a local. A House in Jobos is here to accommodate you and your family whenever you decide to come. After a night of dancing salsa, go have brunch at Pancake Bistro Cafe.

    Take Action Today

    What things do you look forward to doing in Isabela?

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    Written by Carmen

    Wanting to be closer to family, Carmen and Abraham went searching for a home in Abraham's hometown of Isabela, Puerto Rico. They found the perfect home to raise their children in a town with breathtaking beaches, family-friendly festivals, great food and amazing people. Carmen loves to write about it all.

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