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Frequently Asked

Are there stairs in A House in Jobos?

There is one step to go into the house if you use the front door. But if you use the side door, there are no stairs.

What accessibility features do you have?

We have a fixed shower bar and a shower hose to make it easier for the person with limited mobility to bathe. In addition, if you let us know, we will leave a shower chair for you as well. We have a portable toilet as well that can be used in conjunction with the toilet in the bathroom or as a stand-alone unit.

Our home is an open-concept home so moving around in the living room, dining room and kitchen should be a breeze. We have one bedroom that has the door wide enough to fit a wheelchair, but the other rooms do not. That room is also very spacious to allow the guest to move around comfortably. The bed is low to make it easy for the guest to get into and out of it.

Our bathroom door is not wider than 32 inches so fitting a wheelchair will be difficult. This is pretty difficult to fix, especially since there isn’t enough clearance for turning the wheelchair either. Walkers and canes fit fine in the doorway.

Are you dog-friendly?

Of course, we are! Bring your furry family member with you. I just need to know before booking, so that we can see if your furry member will be comfortable in our home.

Unfortunately, at this time, we only accept dogs.

Are there enough things to do in Isabela?

Yes, yes, and yes!! This is one of the most active small towns you will find in the island. In addition to our spectacularly crystal clear blue beaches, where you can swim, snorkel or surf, we have a boardwalk, where you can rent a bike and ride along. You can ride horses on the beach. If you enjoy meals with a view, look no further than all the ocean front restaurants we have. On weeknights, we even have festivals in the town square. Wednesdays are Artisan Night, Thursdays are Gospel Nights and Fridays are Salsa Nights. Pubs, wine boutiques, coffee shops are all part of what makes this town so great as well. If you get bored, it’s not for lack of something to do.

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