Dry Skin On Face? One Amazing Product To Try Now!

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dry skin on face
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As I’ve aged, my skin has changed. I went from having an oily, combination skin type to dry skin on my face. So, as my skin has changed, so have my skincare products. I’ve always tried to take good care of my face. Since my college years, I have had monthly facials and have purchased skincare products that have been appropriate for my skin type.

When I was in college, my skin was more on the oily end of the spectrum. I struggled with pimples and blackheads. I was lucky to have found an aesthetician that would pop all my pimples and remove my blackheads. If I had a pimple between cleanings, I would go to her and she would quickly remove it for me. She eagerly taught me a lot about caring properly for my face. Lessons I will never forget thanks to her.

The Problem? My Dull, Dry Skin!

I have found that as I age, my skincare problems are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Now I suffer from very dry, sensitive skin. My skin appears flaky and dull. Gone were the days of healthy, vibrant skin. Products that I used to use in the past no longer worked for me. Even makeup caused irritation.

My #1 Skincare Product

I found this product, recommended by a YouTuber, which I think is amazing. It has helped me battle facial dryness and dullness. It is Murad’s Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil. Out of all the products I use, this product is my #1 must-have product if you suffer from dry skin.

According to their website, it “is powered by 6 key vitamins, A through F, that synergistically target signs of aging, boost hydration, brighten skin, and defend from free radicals for a more youthful-looking complexion.”

I have seen such a difference in my skin since I began using this more than two years ago.


Check out these results, taken from their website, after four weeks of use:

  • 100% noticed softer skin
  • 92% noticed more even skin tone
  • 92% noticed a smoother texture
  • 92% noticed increased hydration
  • 85% noticed more youthful skin
  • 96% noticed more radiant, healthier-looking skin

I recently moved to Atlanta from Puerto Rico. The air and weather here are so different. I’ve felt my skin become dry all over, especially my hands, but not my face. It is always soft and always looks healthy. I feel it is because of the Murad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil I use daily.

When I Use It

I use Murad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil every evening. After my shower, it is the first product I put on. I actually keep it in the bathroom so that I can put it on immediately after patting my face dry. During these winter months in Atlanta, I’ve started using it in the morning as well. When I lived in Puerto Rico, I only used it at night.

How I Use It on my Dry Skin

I put a few drops on my finger and pat it on my face in several spots; my temples, my smile lines, my frown lines, my neck, and yes, even my chest area. I then smooth it on. It does not feel greasy at all. The skin absorbs it and rewards me with healthy, glowing skin.

The Murad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil comes in two sizes. I use the bigger size, so I can use it freely. But in reality, this product lasts a very long time because you only use a drop of it. So, the small size works fine.

Other Cool Uses For It

The winter weather can be so harsh on our skin, especially if we have dry skin. So recently, I have begun using this product on my hands at night. I’ll keep you posted as to how this is working for me.

dry skin on face
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Other Skincare Products That I Use

I feel that this skincare product is the perfect base coat for my face. Of course, it isn’t the only product I use. I do use a face cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. But this product has truly been a game changer.

I remove all my makeup before getting into the shower with the Neutrogena Facial Wipes. I wipe my face carefully, but I make sure to remove as much of my makeup as possible.

After my face is makeup-free, I wash my face with the Guinot Facial Cleanser. It cleans my face and does not strip it of its natural oils. I have used this cleanser for DECADES!!! No lie! Decades! I have tried other cleansers but always come back to this one. I follow it with their Hydrazone Moisturizer.

Just for Fun!

When my Guinot moisturizer finished, I began using a product I purchased on a trip to Israel, in Jericho, at a shop on the Dead Sea. The salesperson swore to me that this line of products was excellent. It was made from the minerals extracted from the Dead Sea. I hadn’t really made any big purchases on this trip, so I indulged and bought it for $300.

I am in love with this Kedma Platinum Signature Set. (This is NOT an affiliate link.) This is an excellent product line, just as the salesperson said it was.  I’ll be sad when it finishes, but I certainly cannot afford the U.S. price for it. So, once I finish it, I will definitely return to my Guinot products. But, if you have the budget, this is an amazing product line.




We don’t have to look older than our age. Nature will always take its course. It’s part of living. But, there are wonderful products out there to help us stay looking healthy, vibrant, and radiant. We have to decide that we want to put some effort into it. My skincare routine takes less than five minutes if I don’t have to remove makeup.

Find the products that work for your skin type and fit your budget. Use them and enjoy the results.

What Is Your #1 Product for Fighting Dry Skin?

 Comment below. I’d love to know. I’m always looking for product recommendations.

(When commenting, do not fret if you don’t see your comment immediately. There are a lot of people out there trying to share inappropriate links. So, I review each comment before displaying it. That way I can save my readers the aggravation of these inappropriate comments.)

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