Updated on April 13, 2024

Here is another 40-day reading schedule. This one is a bible study for the gospel of Matthew.   If you missed our prior bible study reading plan for the gospels of Mark and Luke, click on this link.

Here is another option for you. If you want to start with the first gospel, here is the reading timeline for the gospel of Matthew. This reading plan will take 40 days to complete.

How To Use the Reading Plan

Below is the actual plan. Each day will require a few minutes for reading Scripture, reflection, and prayer. I keep these reading schedules to no more than 5 minutes of reading a day so that it easily fits into your daily routine.

Start by creating a space in your day to spend time with God. I would say a minimum of 15 minutes. Start by praying to the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s message for you in today’s reading. Then read the assigned material. Afterward, ponder mentally or journal about what you just read. Here are some questions that might help.

What stood out in today’s reading?

Who am I most like in the reading? A disciple? A person in the crowd? A pharisee or scribe?

What can I apply from today’s reading to my life?

Gospel of Matthew: How to Get the Free Reading Plan

Enter your email information below and I will send you the reading plan. You can download, print, and place it in your bible or prayer journal.

I have created several 40-Day Reading plans, like one for the Gospel of John, and there are more to come.

Time in His Word

My time in the Word is my sacred time. Every morning I look forward to meeting Him there. He reveals Himself and reveals to me who I am and who I am called to be.

The Gospel of Matthew is also available online if you don’t always have your bible handy. I hope you enjoy your time in the Word. He’s there. He’s waiting for you.

bible study gospel of matthew
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