Updated on July 24, 2024

Have you ever wanted to do a bible study but had no clue where to begin? Well, I hear you. Been there! I think the best place to begin will always be in the gospels. And we will cover the gospels of Mark and Luke.

Gospels of Mark and Luke

That is precisely what I’m sharing with you today. Here is a Reading plan for you to read the gospels of Mark and Luke in 40 days. There is one chapter a day. So, in 40 days, you can read two of the four gospels.  The remaining two gospels are also available and will take 40 days each to complete.  That means that if you follow these plans, you will have read through all four gospels in 120 days. Yes, you could probably read thru them quicker, but this plan is for spending a few minutes in Scripture, time reflecting on what has just been read, and closing your study in prayer.

How To Get the Free Plan

If you enter your email information below, it will take you to a PDF that you can download, print, and place in your bible or prayer journal.

Why not share this with friends and follow it together to do your bible study? Check out our other Bible study schedules as well. We have 40-day timelines for Matthew and John. Exodus, and Pauline letters, among others, coming soon.

How to Spend Your Time in Mark and Luke

I’ve found in my time in the Word that God reveals Himself to me in Scripture. There is so much about Him that I hadn’t known before. You can do your readings how you prefer, but here is how I would recommend. I followed this structure daily while in the Word and my relationship with God has grown exponentially.

Make space in your schedule to spend time in God’s Word. I like the mornings, but you do what works best for you. Begin by asking the Holy Spirit to guide your time in His Word. Ask for understanding and courage to live what He will reveal to you.

Then read the assigned reading of the day. After, spend a couple of minutes reflecting on what you have just read. You can do this mentally or by journaling. Here are a few questions to get you started.

What stood out from the reading today?

Who am I in today’s reading? Am I an observer in the crowd? Am I a disciple? Or, am I a pharisee or a scribe?

What can I apply to my life from today’s reading?

Finally, finish with a prayer of thanksgiving.

Mark and Luke are Online

We don’t always have the bible handy. So, if that is the case, here is the Gospel of Mark online. And the Gospel of Luke is available as well. I hope you enjoy your time in the Word. He’s there. He’s waiting for you.

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