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A House in Jobos

Isabela, Puerto Rico
Comfortable Home
Short drive to beach
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About Us

A House in Jobos

Isabela, Puerto Rico

Our home, which has been in the family for more than half a century, has been the meeting place for our family for many years. Most of the family reunions are still done here because of the spacious outdoors. It has been a witness to marriages, birthdays, holiday gatherings, and celebrations. So many lasting memories have been made here. A House in Jobos now opens its doors to you thru short-term rental and invites you to become one with this home. We hope that your stay with us will help you create your own wonderful memories and that you decide to stay with us whenever you are in town. Welcome Home!

¡Bienvenidos a casa! Welcome home!

Carmen, Your Host

Open floor layout of dining room
Spacious Living Room
Beautiful dark brown dining room table seats 8 people
Beautiful custom-made wood cabinets and a stone counter top give this kitchen a warm, inviting environment for cooking.
Tranquility Room is spacious
Quietest bedroom in the house and the small window allows for darker room at night. A dresser and night stand create the perfect storage areas for all your items.
ceiling fan no air conditioning lots of cross ventilation breeze

Rooms & Exteriors

Whether you are staying for work or pleasure, here’s how we make it worth your time.






  • The windows have a security mechanism in which the top windows need to be opened first in order for the bottom windows to fully open. To close the windows, please close the bottom windows first and then the top ones.
  • The ADT Security System is turned off during your stay (this includes the motion sensors), but you will hear the system indicate when a door or window has been opened. We apologize in advance, but ADT has told us that the volume cannot be lowered.
  • The WiFi Network Name and Password can be found throughout the house.
  • A keycode to open the front door will be sent separately.
  • Dusk-to-dawn lights have been installed at the front door and just outside the side doors to provide nighttime lighting. Please refrain from touching the switches so you don’t accidentally turn them off. A tape has been placed on the light switch to identify them.

Tranquility Room

The room is decorated with a sea and surf theme. It has beautiful dark bluish-grey walls accented by white furnishings. There was a lot of attention paid to the details in this spacious room, large enough to fit a baby’s portable bed or a wheelchair.

  • Double Bed
  • Full-size desk with a fabulous chair
  • Air Conditioning
  • Rocker and ottoman
  • Luggage rack & dresser
More About the Space

The double bed (full) comes with two firm and two soft pillows for your desired preference. A glider rocker with an ottoman gives you a space to literally pick your feet up and relax while reading a book or scrolling through social media. The lamps on the bedside tables can also be used to charge your mobile devices.

This room has a full-size desk with a multiplug for your work needs. Not working? This area can double as your vanity. Lots of windows let you enjoy fresh air. A nice breeze comes in through them. A luggage rack, a chest of drawers, and a hook for your towel all help to make your stay feel just like home.

There is a remote control for the air conditioning unit. Please turn the air conditioner off when not in use. When in use, please close the door and all windows. This prevents the split unit from overworking and burning out.

The books on the shelf are for your use while you use the property. Please do not forget to return the borrowed book back to the bookshelf.

ADA: This room is wheelchair accessible and spacious enough for your equipment.

Wanderlust Room

Sail away in this simple yet elegant bedroom. Sailboats and nautical knots decorate this room to help transport you to a land far far away.

  • Double bed
  • Air conditioning
  • Ceiling fan
  • Luggage rack, dresser & huge closet
More About this Space

This is the smallest of the bedrooms, but it is also the quietest and the darkest. It’s perfect for getting a good night’s rest. The mattress on this bed is orthopedic, so it is firmer than regular mattresses. A luggage rack, a hook for your towel, hangers, and drawers are all provided to make your stay comfortable.

The bedside lamp(s) in this room can be used to charge your mobile devices. They have a USB port at the base.

There is a remote control for the air conditioning unit. Please turn the air conditioner off when not in use. When in use, please close the door and window. This prevents the split unit from overworking and burning out. If you’d like to turn the display light off, there is a light bulb button on the remote control that you can use to do so,

Serenity Room

With its hanging chair hammock as its focal point, it’s easy to see why we called this room serenity. Although it has no A/C, the cross ventilation from these windows is spectacular. Did I mention the fabulous floral mirror? (This room is only unlocked for Guests #5 & #6)

  • Double bed
  • Full-size desk
  • Ceiling fan (no air conditioning)
  • Chair hammock
  • Luggage rack and closet
More About this Space

 This room has a full-size desk and huge windows. A nice breeze comes in through them. The ceiling fan helps to cool the room off as well. This room does not have air conditioning and is only available to guests with parties of 5-6 people for an additional fee.

The chair hammock is not to be used as a playground swing, but rather as a seat to lightly swing while you relax.

There are 2 light switches. One turns on the light just outside the bedroom on the exterior wall. The other one turns on the ceiling fan and light. There is a remote control that you can use to turn the light from the ceiling fan off/on (bottom button). There is also a button to adjust the speed of the fan (top button). Please turn the ceiling fan off when not in use.

A luggage rack, a closet with hangers and ceiling-to-floor mirrors, and a full-size desk and chair are all part of the accessories this room has to offer.

Sporadic showers are part of life here in Puerto Rico. Please close the windows in this room when raining since the wind will bring all the water into the room. It would be great if you could close all the windows in this room when leaving the house. This way if a sporadic shower comes, the room will not get soaked.

Living Room

Enjoy family time in this spacious, Mediterranean-inspired room with comfortable seating.  Artwork by Puerto Rican artists depicting Puerto Rican landmarks is displayed on the walls.

  • Large Sofa
  • 2 Sofa Chairs
  • 55″ Roku TV
More About this Space

We try to keep our living area clutter-free in order to allow for the free movement of a wheelchair (did I mention my husband is an amputee?) 

SOFAS: Our sofas are not the ideal furnishings for a beach stay. I know. We are older and don’t really go to the beach that often. If you could withhold from sitting in them with your wet bathing suits, we’d really appreciate it. If you need more seating, the dining room chairs can be pulled to this space. Those chairs are heavy, so be careful.

TV: The TV is a Roku TV and has been set to Guest Mode for you. There is a remote control on the coffee table for you. (Or you can download the Roku app, connect to the WIFI and use your phone.) When you turn it on, enter your Check-Out Date and it will automatically sign you off all your accounts when you leave. Then proceed to sign into your accounts and begin streaming. Our cleaners check the TVs to make sure all accounts have been reset. So, we have a second pair of eyes to make sure your accounts are cleared out. Please keep in mind that not all the streaming channels you normally watch may be available. Also, due to regulations, not all streaming services are available in Puerto Rico. At the time of this writing, for example, YouTube TV and Paramount+ are not offered in Puerto Rico.

PEDESTAL FAN: There is a pedestal fan to help circulate air. My recommendation is to set it on the timer mode. That way you can set it and forget it.

CEILING FAN: The ceiling fan has a light bulb that will turn on at night for a few hours. If we walk around the house at night, it helps us to see better. Also, if we have a power outage at night, we can see a bit.

Dining Room

The focal point of this room is the beautiful, dark Mediterranean-inspired dining room table which seats up to 8 people. Gather around this beautiful table and enjoy good food, great conversations and loving family and friends.

  • Dining Room table with seating for 8
  • Bench
  • Winerack and Wine glasses
More About this Space

We love our dining room table! We have had many gatherings around it with loved ones, good food, and great conversations. I hope you get a chance to experience this while here.

There should be enough seating for everyone. If you need to move the table a bit to fit a chair on the side where the window is, go ahead and do so.

Please use the placemats and coasters when placing anything on the table. It helps to protect it from damage.

The air conditioner in this room hasn’t worked for years. In all honesty, it was so loud that we rarely even used it when it did work. 

The artwork in this room is all made by local artisans.

Kitchen & Sitting Room

Our fully equipped kitchen with custom-made cabinetry was designed, built, and installed by a local cabinet maker that lives a few minutes away. Cook, bake, or simply make a cup of coffee or tea. It’s your stay. Do it your way!

  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Gas stove and oven
  • Microwave, toaster, Magic Bullet, Air fryer
  • Drip and single-serving coffee maker
  • 40″ Roku TV and sitting area
More About this Space

I’ve left most of my appliances out for your use. I’ve even left most of my spices, oils, etc. Please feel free to use any of it.

KITCHEN SINK: We have old pipes. We regularly do a baking soda and vinegar treatment on them. But the best thing we can do is not throw any oils or solids in them. We do not have a garbage disposal. My trick for cleaning greasy pots and pans is this. First, throw any excess oil in a plastic bottle with a lid and discard it in the trash can. Then I put dishwashing liquid in the pot without adding water. I then take a paper towel and wipe everything I can. When I have removed as much of the grease and residue as possible, I throw the paper towel away and wash the pot with soap and water.

REFRIGERATOR: This refrigerator is the fourth one in this space within a year. It should be set to normal cooling for you. But in case the cleaner has forgotten, on the inside right wall of the refrigerator you can find the touch setting. Set it to the middle setting.

FREEZER: I’ve provided you with ice in the lidded container as well as ice cube trays. If I’ve also left a container of sofrito in the freezer that I use for cooking, feel free to use some if you wish, but please return it to the freezer before your departure. (Sofrito is a seasoning we use for our stews, beans, and many other dishes. It contains coriander, cilantro, onions, garlic, and many other spices.)

STOVE/OVEN: We have a gas stove and oven. If you turn the knob a little to the left, you will hear a clicking noise. Once you see the flame, go ahead and move it further past the clicking noise to the desired setting. If you were to turn it on and it clicks, but no flame emerges, please call me. It could be that we didn’t notice that the propane tank was empty. I’ll resolve it immediately.

We keep a pizza stone in the oven at all times. First, we love to use it for pizza. But secondly, did you know that the pizza stone helps to distribute the heat better? It does! Just place your baking dish in the rack above it and your dish will cook more evenly. Also, keep in mind that we use propane gas. (Just in case you needed to know that.)

COFFEE MAKER: Our coffee maker has a carafe setting and an individual cup setting. They both work quite similarly. First, make sure the coffee maker is plugged. We unplug everything when no one is at the home in order to protect them from power surges.


  1. Open the lid on the left side of the coffee maker.
  2. Fill the rear compartment with the amount of water you’d like to brew. (I always add just a bit more to account for the amount lost in steam.)
  3. Remove the reusable filter and fill it with ground coffee. If you are using the coffee we have provided, keep in mind that our coffee is quite strong, so you may want to use less than normal. Place the filled coffee filter back into its compartment and close the lid.
  4. Press the CARAFE button.
  5. Then press the BREW STRENGTH to the desired setting (BOLD or REGULAR).
  6. Finally press the BREW NOW (it’s faded but it’s the top left button).


  1. Open the lid on the right side of the coffee maker.
  2. Fill the rear compartment with the amount of water you’d like to brew. (I always add just a bit more to account for the amount lost in steam.)
  3. Lift the handle that says LIFT TO OPEN. Remove the reusable filter and fill it with ground coffee. If you are using the coffee we have provided, keep in mind that our coffee is quite strong, so you may want to use less than normal. Place the filled coffee filter back into its compartment and close the lid.
  4. Press the SINGLE button.
  5. Then press the BREW STRENGTH to the desired setting (BOLD or REGULAR).
  6. Place your cup in the space provided. Our cups should fit fine. If you have a tall mug, you may need to remove the bottom basket.
  7. Finally press the BREW NOW (it’s faded but it’s the top left button).
  8. If you’d like to use a K-Cup, then simply remove the reusable filter and replace it with the attachment in the compartment that says BREW BASKET INSIDE. Remove the reusable K-Cups and put yours there. Or, fill our reusable K-Cup with our coffee. A small amount goes a long way.

AIR FRYER: The air fryer is pretty self-explanatory. Set the desired temperature. Then the desired time. I’ve provided aluminum foil and parchment paper in the drawer beneath the air fryer for your use. I often use one of these when cooking in the air fryer. It makes clean-up that much easier.

HAND MIXER/MAGIC BULLET/TOASTER: These are all available for your use. If you have any questions, please let me know.

POTS and PANS: We love our stainless steel pots and pans. In order for us to keep them clean, we use BAR KEEPERS FRIEND. I’ve left a can under the kitchen sink for you.

DISHES/CUPS/GLASSWARE: We have provided you with our dishes. Feel free to use them as needed. We have also provided you with disposables in case you prefer not to do dishes. I wish I had a dishwasher! I’ve left you some disposable take-out containers with lids as well.

UNDER THE KITCHEN SINK: I’ve left some detergents, rags, a bucket, etc. under the kitchen sink in case you need them. These rags are for cleaning up, so they are probably stained. Feel free to use them where needed. Once they are dry, just throw them in the hallway hamper. Our cleaning team will wash them.

BROOM/DUSTPAN/MOP: Right by the refrigerator, you will find these items, should you need them.

TV: This ROKU TV has been set to Guest Mode. There is a remote control in front of the TV for your use. (Or you can download the Roku app, connect to the WiFi and use your phone as the remote control.) Set your Check-out Date and a profile will be created for you. Sign into your streaming accounts and enjoy. Once the Check-out Date you entered arrives, the system will automatically log you off of your accounts. This TV has an antenna for local channels. Just select the LIVE TV icon on the right side (where all the other streaming channels appear).

STEREO: This stereo system can be used to listen to the radio or play CDs. It used to work with the TV, but with these newer TVs, it’s now incompatible.

BOARD GAMES/PUZZLES: We have left you all our board games and puzzles for your enjoyment. We’ve spent countless hours playing these and hope you and your family can enjoy them as well. All we ask is that you store each item back in the correct box and put it away when done.

GROCERY BAGS: Many retailers and supermarkets no longer provide plastic bags for free. They are sold for 10 cents or more. In the drawer nearest to the double french doors, I have placed several plastic bags for your use. Take as many as you need before heading out to the grocery store or to retail shopping. Please return those that you no longer need. It’s ok if you can’t fold them the way I do. My cleaning team will do so.


With ceiling-to-floor ceramic tiles, this small, but beautiful bathroom has just what you need.

  • High toilet
  • Shower with shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap
  • Sink with hand soap, hand lotion, and mouthwash.
  • Make-up Removing supplies and other supplies
More About this Space

Hot Water

Our hot water is an on-demand system with propane gas and batteries. Please let the water run for a bit to trigger the hot water. The water does not usually come out very hot. But it is warm enough to be able to shower comfortably.

Makeup Removal

Please help us keep our linens and towels free from makeup stains. You will find a plastic bin in the closet with items, including black washcloths, to help you remove your makeup.

Hair Dyes

Please do NOT dye your hair on our property. Removing hair dye stains can be tricky, if not impossible. If you’ve recently dyed your hair (because we all want to look our best on vacation!!), please be careful not to stain the pillow cases.


To flush the toilet, press the button with one water drop if there are no solids. Press the button with two water drops for any solids. Please remember that we are on a septic tank system and only very small amounts of toilet paper should be flushed. All other items, including flushable baby wipes and large amounts of toilet paper, should be discarded in the wastebasket provided for your use. A plunger has been provided in case it is needed.


The cabinetry in the bathroom was custom-made for this space. If water should fall on the wood, please dry it as soon as possible. Sometimes when the faucet is opened, water will splatter. If you could please dry it, we would greatly appreciate it.


Clean towels have been provided for you based on the number of people in your party. A few extra towels have also been included. Each bedroom has a hook to hang your towel to dry. Prior to your departure, please throw all used towels in the brown hamper in the hallway.

Beach Supplies

The bathroom will also contain all the beach items we provide, including 1 beach towel per person, 2 beach chairs, a beach blanket, and a cooler. Please rinse the beach chairs and cooler with the hose prior to placing them back in their designated area. We really appreciate your help in keeping these items clean. If sand and salt are left on the chairs, for example, they will quickly corrode.

Other Supplies

There is a sewing kit in the bathroom for your use if you should need it. We have also provided several items, such as feminine products, deodorant, mouthwash, and more for your use. We keep the amber-colored bottles filled for you. All the other items may or may not be replenished. What you see, is for your use while at the property.


To assist with the ventilation in this room, we have installed a ceiling fan. The setting can be changed if you wish, but we recommend keeping it as is.




terrace with sofa seating, bistro table and two rockers in A House in Jobos

Terrace Room

The best room in the house is actually outside. Surrounded by beautiful ironwork made by a local artist, enjoy our sitting area or have your cup of coffee on the table. You decide!

  • Seating area
  • Table with chairs
  • Ceiling fan
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There is a ceiling fan in this area to circulate the air. To turn it off or change the setting, pull on the cord.

There is a dusk-to-dawn light by the side entrance. Please do not touch the light switch found on the back wall so this light bulb can turn on when it gets dark outside.

Please do not lean or sit on the ironwork. It isn’t made to hold the weight.

There is a hook on two of the retractable awnings in case you need to lower or close the awning. I usually keep it at this setting because the light comes in at dusk on that side of the property.

tropical garden with an Adirondack chair

Other Outdoor Spaces

Bougainvillea, Bird of Paradise, Oak, Bromelias, and palm trees are among the many plants and trees found on our property. Hidden in the East garden, which we call the Secret Garden, is a single Adirondack chair perfect for spending some time bird watching, reading, or spending some quiet time.

  • Parking onsite for one car
  • Local plants
  • Outside seating
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I love to garden and have been working for years on developing the gardens at A House in Jobos. On the west side of the property, we have the bougainvillea garden. These plants have been here for more than a decade maturing and growing. The thorns on these plants are no joke, so be careful if you get near them. 

On the east side of the property, we are working on building this into a tropical garden for our guests to sit and enjoy the shade, the wildlife, and the plants. We have several huge bird of paradise plants, ixora (the birds love this one), and many other plants.

Throughout the exterior, you will also find breadfruit trees, a cereza (sour cherry) tree, a guava tree, a soursop tree, a papaya tree, many banana plants, and even a coconut palm tree. If any of these trees have fruits, feel free to enjoy them. If you need help identifying when to pick them, just text me.

Food & Drink

For Your Enjoyment

Feel like Cooking? We’ve got you covered!

Our kitchen is equipped with stainless steel pots and pans, baking pans, a lasagna dish, muffin pans, and a skillet. We have a hand mixer, mixing bowl, strainer, can opener, knife sharpener, and other items as well. Keeping the kitchen stocked with items like cooking oil, cooking spray, salt, pepper, and, the local favorites, adobo, sazón, and other spices will help you in your creative cooking adventure. You may find popcorn, crackers, and other items to snack on as well. TIP: Check out what’s in the kitchen before going to the grocery store.

Coffee, Tea, Water, & Hot Chocolate

We not only provide the drip coffee maker, the single coffee maker, and the stovetop espresso maker. We also provide local coffee for your enjoyment. Along with sugar, brown sugar, and yellow packets of sweetener. Not a big coffee drinker? That’s OK! We have a teapot and a variety of tea bags and hot chocolate for your enjoyment. Each stay comes with a gallon of water as well.

Prefer to Eat Out? We’ve Got Plenty of Options for You.

We understand you are on vacation and don’t necessarily want to cook. We have several options below for ordering your meals or going out.



Free WiFi

Free high-speed WiFi internet is available for our guests

Free Parking

Space for one car inside the property, but lots more space on the paved area just outside the gates

Bedroom Comforts

Two soft pillows and two firm cooling pillows, linens, and a quilt are provided for your comfort. Luggage racks are included in each room to make accessing your suitcase easier.

Local TV

The 40″ HDTV in the kitchen has an antenna for watching local TV stations. 

Beach Items

We provide you with beach towels, a beach blanket, two beach chairs and a cooler. We’d appreciate it if you could hose down the chairs before returning them to their designated spot once dry.

Streaming Services

Our 40″ and 55″ HDTVs are equipped with streaming apps. Just set your departure date and sign into your streaming accounts.

Kitchen Appliances

A refrigerator, gas stove, oven, coffee makers, microwave, toaster, Airfryer, hand mixer, and a small blender are included in the appliances we provide.  Stainless steel pots and pans are part of the inventory we provide for your use as well. We love these pots. A griddle pan, frying pan, baking pan, muffin pan, mixing bowl, and even a lasagna baking dish are also included. We check the gas tanks before your check-in. If the propane tank empties, please contact the host and someone will be by to replace it with a full tank.

Security Cameras

Our outdoor security cameras are actively recording video and audio. There are security cameras in the locked rooms. If movement is identified, the cameras will record and notify the host of the breach.

All indoor areas where guests are permitted do NOT contain actively recording cameras or any recording devices.

Air Conditioners

Ceiling fans and tower fans can be found throughout the property. There are also air conditioning units in the two main bedrooms. Please close all windows and doors when in use so that the unit doesn’t overwork since it is designed for the size of the room it is in. When not in the room, please turn the unit off. As far as the tower fans are concerned, if you use the timer feature, you can set it and forget it. It will automatically turn off at the designated time.


We provide hotel-quality bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes. Towels to remove make-up are also provided. As well as kitchen and dish towels. We know that sometimes you may have a need for a rag, so we’ve included some under the kitchen sink as well.

Disposable Items

We wish we had a dishwasher, but we don’t. So, in case you don’t want to do dishes, we provide a few disposable items for your use.

Coffee Makers

We have a dual coffee maker where you can make drip coffee or a single-serving cup. The attachments are included. 

Feel like an espresso? There is a stovetop espresso coffee maker as well. If using the stovetop espresso, fill it with water to the valve. Then place the filter on top. Fill the filter with the desired amount of coffee. Do not pack the coffee down. Screw the top on. Place the espresso pot on the small burner. The coffee should take around 10 mins to fully brew. Remove immediately from the burner. Let it settle a minute or two and pour.

and more

Lots and lots of board games, puzzles, and books are available for your entertainment.  Some of the board games include Scrabble (English and Spanish versions), Monopoly, Bingo, Clue, and more.

An iron and ironing board are provided. A full-size hairdryer can be found in one of the drawers in the Wanderlust bedroom. Bring your brush.

If you should need to pick up a spill or anything of that nature, a dustpan, a broom, and a mop can be found next to the refrigerator. A bucket, cleaning detergent, and rags can be found under the kitchen sink if needed.

Checkin & Checkout

Check-in is after 4:00 pm. Check-out is after 11:00am. Please be considerate of our cleaner’s time. This is the only time the cleaner may have in between bookings.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund on any cancellation five days prior to the scheduled arrival date. No refund after this time.

House Rules

We try to keep rules to a minimum, but some are necessary. Please read the full rules prior to your stay. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Emergency Phone Numbers


Carmen, your host 787-360-3001
Emergency 911
State Police Department 787-872-2020
Municipal Police Department 787-872-9000
Municipal Fire Department 787-872-2330
Have a Question?

Talk to the Host


Location & Nearby Attractions

Isabela is a beautiful town with very friendly people and beaches like no others. But there are many things to do, to see and to enjoy. Here’s a small list.

Shopping & Beauty

Stores in Isabela are not open 24/7. Most stores in the town square close by 5:00 p.m. Stores in Plaza Isabela may close between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 pm, except Walmart which is open a few more hours. All stores are closed before 11:00 am on Sundays. They open from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays. Most supermarkets open daily. So do most bakeries. Stores will be closed on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter Sunday, Good Friday. Check the store’s website for hours of operation.

Shopping bags are no longer provided in most retail shops, including supermarkets and even stores like Walmart. We have provided you with a few plastic bags in the drawer nearest the French doors in the kitchen. Please feel free to use as many as you need. Please return them back to the drawer when you no longer need them.


Econo Supermarket

Nancy’s Gift Shop (great place for souvenir shopping)

Plaza Isabela (The Room, Aeropostale, Sally’s Beauty, Journeys, and many more, including Walmart and Selectos Supermarket)


Making Divas by Cristian Lopez (Hair Salon & Barbershop)

Yoelisse Hair Design

Marc’s Barber Shop

Manicure & Pedicure


Bajuras Laundromat

Other Facilities


Dr. Santiago Rivera Ortega (speaks English fluently; general medicine)

Farmacia FarmaExpress (Pharmacy)

Hospital CIMA Isabela (Emergency Room)

Policlinica del Atlantico (Clinic, Urgent Care, Radiography, and Labs)

Dr. Nicole Quintana (Dentist)

Walgreens Pharmacy 


Rafael Hernandez International Airport (BQN)

Luis Muñoz Marín Airport (SJU)


USPS in Isabela

 USPS in San Antonio (usually less busy; but it is a further drive)


Inside Econo Supermarket are 2 bank ATMs (closest to the property)

Banco Popular


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