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Here is another 40-day reading schedule. This one is a bible study for men, specifically for dads. Forty verses from Scripture, out of so many, were selected for dads to dig deep into what it means to be a father like God is Father.

Bible Study for Men

My audience is typically women, but since Father’s Day is around the corner, I thought it would be nice to provide a bible study for men as an option for women to share with the men in their lives.  All the verses selected revolve around the theme of fatherhood. They are meant to guide men into what it means to be a father according to Scripture.

In addition, I will include links at the bottom to our other 40 Day Bible Studies. These can be used by anyone.


Bible Verses for Fathers

The bible verses are in no particular order. Therefore, feel free to select them as you prefer. You can print the reading schedule and cross off the verses that you’ve completed until you have completed all forty.

Keep in mind two questions as you read the Scripture verses:

1) How is God revealing Himself to me in this passage?

2) What is God revealing about me in this passage?

Then talk to God about it prayerfully.

If you prefer to use a guided journal, our Bible Study workbooks are designed for 40 days of Scripture and Prayer. We have them in Spanish as well. I’ll include a link to them below along with the other 40 Day Bible Reading plans.


Happy Father’s Day!

bible verses for dads
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What other Bible Reading plans would you like to see? Have you tried any of our other ones?

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